Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Rib Challenge!!!

On Sunday October 18th, 2009 I was privileged to attend the Rib challenge.  Here is a little back story.  Every Tuesday and Friday Aunty Kris, Rudy and I go walking and we just happened to talk about food.  It came out that Rudy is the best at making EVERYTHING... So we decided to challenge.  Mike's ribs vs. Rudy's Ribs... Here is how it went.

On one side of the plate, side A, please give a round of applause to challenger (by default) Mike "The Mechanic" MatsuokaaaaaAAAAAAA!!!!

*kids were hungry at the time so there was no real cheering... only from Aunty Lisa who was hungry*

On the other side of the plate, side B, please give a warm welcome to the self proclaimed Best Rib Recipe, Rudy "Princess" SteellllleeeeeEEEEEEE!!!!

The standing crowd watched in awe (and probably hunger) at the judges who devoured their little samples... Each contestant watched in eagerness as the judges casted their votes, and needless to say the judges made their decision...


Welcome back to the first annual Rib challenge, where the officials have finished tallying up the final scores... The judges have spoken and the final results of the Rib Challenge are...

really close

With a combined score of 33 points your ribs went up at against the man who knows every recipe in his head

*dramatic pause*

Mike... I am sorry but you placed 2nd...

Rib A

Rudy "Princess" Steele with the closest margin of victory in the history of the Challenge series,

* Final dramatic pause*

is your champion with 34 points!!!!!

Rib B

Congratulations Princess!!!

Judges Ballots



Photobucket Judges 1 Judges

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