Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Social Tip #147 - Keep your Perspective

as originally posted by Crazy Myka Fox (http://mykafox.blogspot.com/2009/09/social-tip-147-keep-your-perspective.html)

I have been thinking about this statement that Myka Fox said. "They say life is precious. Why? Why is it precious? Why is it so rare? It certainly doesn’t feel rare right now. As long as I've known it, life has never been anything but abundant."

In the 27 years that i have been in existence and maybe 7 of those in which i was coherent enough to understand what was going on I haven't actually thought that life was precious. I was always taught that you should live your life as you want. Don't worry about things that could happen. No consequences.

Also within those 20 years of coherent existence i wondered alot about what made a super hero so super.  Was it their powers? Was it their selfishness or selflessness? Was it the people that supported and loved them or was it that they gave everything they had to save someone or defeat a villain?


I sometimes wonder, on tv there is always that one guy that is always saving the girl from a potential danger or a dangerous situation.   Take for instance The O.C.'s Ryan Attwood or One Tree Hill's Lucas Scott.  No matter what the problem was they always sacrificed themselves to save their respective woman.  Ryan, no matter who he was dating at the time, always managed to save said girl as well as always somehow get Marissa, the love of his life, out of trouble.  He almost always managed to make it worse, but somehow things always worked out.  Just the same for Lucas Scott.  Whether he was dating Brooke Davis  or Peyton Sawyer he always managed to save both of them from whatever impending danger they may have been in or are in.  Both of these men acted without a single thought about their safety or the consequences they just rushed in without a thought and saved the day.  

But how do they know who is worth saving and who isn't? What makes them so invaluable to the main character that they must always be around to save them? Is it because they know that if anything happened to said females that they would not be able to exist? Or if they were hurt they wouldn't hear the end of it? Or could it possibly be that there are moments when said females actually opened up whether it be with the kindness of their heart, the openess of their hearts, or the tender moments that they shared that helped him realize and helped her display that there is in fact a kink in her armor and that she actually has feelings, enabling him to realize that she isn't as strong as he once thought she was.  

I mean God forbid we actually show any emotion or to let the world know that they or we are vulnerable.  But what do you do with that vital piece of information. Do you use it against their will and hurt them? Or do you protect that information with your life, your heart or your soul? 

I guess thats what separates the good from the bad, the villains from the superheroes.  They take that information and put it in their hearts, and without a thought they rush to save the day.  And just when you think that they are defeated they use that vital piece of information and without regards they attempt a last ditch effort. The one final play that will either end their lives or immortalize them forever.

But what happens when you make that last ditch effort and you defeat the villains and the one that you swore to protect decides to turn on you?  Do you say good bye before you sacrifice more or do you not say goodbye at all?

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  1. A person is not a superhero because of the power he or she has or wields. They are superheros because of the lives they touched. Power is a fleeting thing, but connection and influence lingers. How do you know who's worth the effort...You don't. All you can do is keep on trying to connect with people. You have to understand people hate changes...and when it comes to mortality, no-one want to think of it because them they have to take a look at their owe mortality, and most people can't handle it. that why they have to go thru the different stages of loss.